• Promoting and developing an academic interest in teaching
    colon and rectal surgery.

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  • Providing advice, assistance, and support to program directors on
    matters pertaining to surgical education or to accreditation.

  • Maintaining high standards of residency training and education in colon and rectal surgery by improving graduate education.

  • Providing a forum for the exchange of information and for discussion
    on a wide range of subjects related to post-graduate colon and rectal
    surgical education.

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HALS and TAMIS Residents Workshop - October 25, 2023

This intensive, one-day course is designed for colon and rectal surgery residents who want to fine-tune their HALS colectomy and TAMIS skills. The didactic session is packed with technical insights aimed at shortening the learning curve, addressing the management of intraoperative complications, and pushing the MIS envelope. Click here to Register and Learn More!

Registration now open! 14th Annual Colorectal Residents Career Course

ACGME Colon and Rectal Surgery residents invited to participate in this year's Annual Colorectal Residents Career Course on November 10 and November 11 and hear from an impressive faculty who will provide participants with essential knowledge and a unique perspective as residents prepare for their future in the real world. Learn More and Register!

2023 APDCRS Spring Newsletter

2023 APDCRS Winter Newsletter

2022 APDCRS Fall Newsletter


The Surgeon-Led (TR400) Course will feature a combination of peer-led didactic training (either virtually or on-site) and hands-on surgeon-led procedural training. Awardees will return to their institution and apply their training in surgical procedures with their attending surgeon.

2022 APDCRS Summer Newsletter.


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71 Residency Training Programs

68 ACGME Accredited programs and 3 Canadian training programs.

3,500+ Residents Trained

Maintaining high standards of residency training and education in colon and rectal surgery.

40+ Years

Training colorectal surgery specialists.