St. Francis Hospital and Medical Center


Our program has been training one resident in colon and rectal surgery since 1990. Our diverse faculty facilitates expert training in open, laparoscopic, hand assisted and robotic techniques. Our trainee functions as a junior partner and this has led to independence in our fellow run weekly clinic.

Faculty Listing

Saumitra R. Banerjee, MD-Section Chief
Steven H. Brown, MD
Amanda S. Ayers, MD
Robert L. Lewis, MD-Program Director
Daniel J. Mullins, MD
Andrew C. Raissis, MD
Rachel Scott, MD

Recent Fellow Placement

Rachel Scott, DO
Colon and Rectal Surgeons of Greater Hartford

Nathan Hinkle, MD 2018
University of Tennessee Health Science Center

Rachel Gordon, MD 2017
New York City

Krista Evans, MD 2016
University of Vermont

Daniel Mullins, MD 2015
Colon and Rectal Surgeons of Greater Hartford

Recent Fellow Publications

Robert T. Lewis, MD
Patricia Reilly
114 Woodland St, Building 3-4

Hartford, Ct 06105

Number of Positions Offered:

  • Clinical: 1
  • Research: none

Accreditation Status

Next Scheduled (Self-Study) Visit
October 1, 2019

Case Numbers – Past Five Years

Abdominal Procedure 15/16 16/17 17/18 18/19 19/20
Segmental Colectomy 183
Laparoscopic Resection
Low Anterior Resection 37
Abdominoperineal Resection 7
Proctocolectomy Total
Proctocolectomy w/Ileostomy
Proctocolectomy w/Ileoanal Reservoir 3 4 1
Prolapse Repair Total
Prolapse Repair Abdominal 8
Prolapse Repair Perineal 4
Stomas Total 31
Stomas Complications 10
Pelvic Dissections
Abdominal Procedure Total 301 310 378
Endoscopy/Pelvic Floor 15/16 16/17 17/18 18/19 19/20
Proctoscopy/Anoscopy 50/44
Colonoscopy Total 146 159 157
Colonoscopy Diagnostic
Colonoscopy w/Intervention
Pelvic Floor Evaluation
Endoscopy/Pelvic Floor Total 217 235 288
Anorectoal Procedure 15/16 16/17 17/18 18/19 19/20
Hemorrhoidectomy 22
Endorectal Advancement Flap
Fecal Incontinence Procedures
Internal Sphincterotomy
Transanal Excision 16
Anorectoal Procedure Total 145 190 181