2017-2018 APDCRS Training Program Outline

This will mark the seventh year that a robotic training course is offered to colon and rectal surgery residents. The training programs have always been a collaborative effort by Intuitive Surgical (which provided facility space, equipment and personnel) and members of the Program Directors Association with robotic expertise (faculty, curriculum development, clinical training). The Association of Program Directors in Colon and Rectal Surgeons (APDCRS) will sponsor the training. The courses will be organized, managed and coordinated by the Program Directors Association, with continuing generous financial and logistical support of Intuitive Surgical.
The course agenda has been developed to facilitate standardized robotic training.

Please see your Program Director or Coordinator if you are interested in registration.

The contact person at Intuitive Surgical is Chris Sanchez Chris.Sanchez@intusurg.com