2018-2019 APDCRS Robotic Training Program Outline

• This year, we will be offering an “early” wave of advanced courses for programs whose fellows may meet the case criteria earlier in the academic year. This will provide early wave trainees with an opportunity to learn advanced procedural techniques, and have a longer period longer period in their fellowship to apply these skills. A standard track will remain in place, with courses offered in April, and a subset of courses in July for programs that need additional time.

• Program Eligibility Criteria
i. APDCRS Program Member
ii. Commitment from Program Director or Lead Attending to mentor resident over the course of the program
iii. Mentor will ensure all relevant activities are completed by the resident as outlined in the program curriculum
• Application Submission Process: An electronic application link will be issued by the APDCRS leadership for Program Directors to complete by August 24th, 2018

To be completed to qualify for the Advanced Course
1. da Vinci Technology Online Modules:
o Documented completion of the set of interactive online modules covering the basic design and operation of the da Vinci system on the Intuitive Surgical Community Site.
2. da Vinci Technology Overview In-Service and Skills Simulation:
o In-person overview of the system conducted at the hospital by an Intuitive CSR (clinical sales representative) and sign off by them
o Completion of Skills Simulator modules as defined by the APDCRS with a score of 90% (or completion of console skills drills for those without a simulator) and turn in results
▪ Thread the Rings
▪ Matchboard 1
▪ Camera Targeting 1 and 2
▪ Energy Switching 1
▪ Suture Sponge 1
3. Participation in 3 surgeon-led webinars:
a. Subjects may include, procedural tips/tricks, troubleshooting, complex cases, advanced technology use, career development
4. Enter all robotic cases into the case log system provided by the APDCRS.
5. Participation in 5 da Vinci Cases as console surgeon – entered into the APDCRS case log – by the Advanced Course Application deadline.
6. Participation in the Advanced Course offered in 2019
7. Participants completing 20 Console Cases and 10 Bedside cases may be eligible to earn a Training Certificate issued by Intuitive Surgical. Case participation is noted as having completed over 50% of a case as a console surgeon or bedside assist as defined by the APDCRS Program Directors.
• Program Application Deadline to be completed by Program Directors: Sept 28th, 2018
• Link to Apply
• Advanced Course Application Deadline:
o Wave 1 (January Course) – Nov 16th, 2018
o Wave 2 (April Course) – Feb 8th, 2019
o Wave 3 (July Course) – April 5th, 2019

Please see your Program Director or Coordinator if you are interested in registration.

The contact person at Intuitive Surgical is Chris Sanchez Chris.Sanchez@intusurg.com