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2024 APDCRS Robotic Training Courses (Summer Course)


Join us for the exclusive robotic training courses offered by the Association of Program Directors for Colon and Rectal Surgeons (APDCRS) in collaboration with Intuitive Surgical. This prestigious program, now in its thirteenth year, provides hands-on training designed specifically for colon and rectal surgery fellows and program directors.

  1. June Course
    • Target Audience: Fellows needing more time to fulfill course requirements or seeking a springboard to practice at training’s end.
    • Objective: Tailored for those focusing on expanding console experience.
    • Dates: June 14, June 15.

Course Features:

  • Collaborative training with da Vinci expertise.
  • Combination of peer-led didactic and hands-on surgeon-led procedural training.
  • Expectation of earning a robotic Training Equivalency Certificate from Intuitive.
  • Supplemental instructional webinars throughout the academic year.

Location: Intuitive Training Center, Atlanta, GA.

Registration: APDCRS-affiliated Program Directors are encouraged to apply. Selected fellows must complete preliminary da Vinci system-training and documented robotic case experience.

Additional Notes: The Surgeon-Led Course is a significant component, emphasizing practical surgical applications and skill development. We strongly encourage all participants to attend every scheduled webinar for a comprehensive learning experience. Please click here for more information about the program.