• Promoting and developing an academic interest in teaching
    colon and rectal surgery.

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  • Providing advice, assistance, and support to program directors on
    matters pertaining to surgical education or to accreditation.

  • Maintaining high standards of residency training and education in colon and rectal surgery by improving graduate education.

  • Providing a forum for the exchange of information and for discussion
    on a wide range of subjects related to post-graduate colon and rectal
    surgical education.

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USC Division of Colorectal Surgery 8th Annual Advanced Endoscopic and Endo-Luminal Surgery Course

All current ACGME Colorectal Surgery Fellows are cordially invited to participate in the 8th Annual Advanced Endoscopic and Endo-luminal Surgery Course. The in-person, hands-on educational training program will focus on the use of advanced endoscopic techniques including EMR, ESD, CELS, FLEX, endoscopic stents, and endoscopic closure methods. Participants will also be exposed to the latest endoscopic energy devices and endoscopic platforms. Space is limited to 30 ACGME Fellows per course. This allows each Fellow a full interactive hands-on learning experience with distinguished Colorectal Surgeons from elite institutions throughout the US. Through educational grants from the industry and trade partnerships, we will host reasonable travel expenses (air, hotel & meals) within the program timeframe for all participating ACGME Fellows.

APDCRS Fall 2023 Newsletter

As the leaves begin to turn, it’s the perfect time to cozy up with our latest Newsletter

Exciting Professional Development Opportunity for Fellows and Recent Graduates!

We are thrilled to bring your attention to a wonderful opportunity available for your current fellow or recent graduate from your program. This initiative is not just a chance for […]


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Maintaining high standards of residency training and education in colon and rectal surgery.

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Training colorectal surgery specialists.