Exciting Professional Development Opportunity for Fellows and Recent Graduates!


We are thrilled to bring your attention to a wonderful opportunity available for your current fellow or recent graduate from your program. This initiative is not just a chance for individual professional development but is also a pathway to furthering the advancement of our esteemed specialty.

🌟 The Research Foundation of the American Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons Rising Star Award 🌟 offers funding support designed for trainees beginning their careers in colorectal surgery or for junior colorectal surgery faculty members seeking engaging professional development opportunities.

The objective of this award is to nurture a diverse cadre of colorectal surgeons equipped with the necessary skills to contribute significantly across various domains including clinical practice, research, and education. These empowered individuals are expected to evolve into the next generation of leaders within the national and international colorectal surgery community.

Rising Star Award

Here’s how the Rising Star Award can benefit the awardees:

  • Funding of up to $7,000 is provided.
  • Funds can be utilized for coach air travel, hotel accommodations, meals, and registration for career development courses.
  • Any remaining funds can be allocated for direct research assistance.

It’s crucial that the proposed professional development plan meticulously aligns with the applicant’s career objectives.

Application Deadline: November 27th, 2023 – for consideration in the 2024 grant cycle

For detailed information regarding eligibility criteria and the submission process, please click here.

We encourage you to forward this announcement to your current fellows and recent graduates who would benefit immensely from this opportunity. Should there be any queries or if clarification is needed, do not hesitate to reach out.